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Advance invoice

All Vaanster customers pay a monthly advance invoice, as is customary for purchasing energy. You pay an advance invoice for the following month. After one year, the total costs will be settled with the advance amounts paid. If you have paid more than the total cost, you will receive money from Vaanster. If your total costs are higher than the advance amount paid, you will still have to pay this difference.

New customers

The first month in a new home, a resident will receive two advance invoices, one for the current month and one for the following month. After that, you will receive one advance invoice, for the following month.

Adjusting the advance payment amount

You can adjust your advance amount within a certain margin. You can do this by logging into your page.

Your advance amount is determined by the living area of your home, among other things. When changing the advance amount, please take into account the living area, the fixed costs, and the consumption of the past period.

You can also request that your advance payment amount be adjusted by sending an e-mail to klantenservice@vaanster.nl.

Please state the address (street, house number, zip code, and town) and the amount to which you would like to adjust the advance payment.

What does the advance payment amount consist of?

With the prepayment amount, you pay a portion of the total costs that you accumulate per year with Vaanster. The total costs include, among other things, fixed fees, consumption, and metered rates. Per year, you pay the advance amount monthly - thus 12 times - and with this you pay the expected total costs per year.


If - for any reason - you have trouble paying an advance bill, you can contact Vaanster's customer service. Together with you, they will look for a suitable solution.