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Meter reading

Most meters are read digitally by Vaanster. In this case, you do not have to read your energy meter yourself. The meter readings can be viewed on your page. Log in here to view your meter readings.

You may be asked to pass on a meter reading yourself. For example, if you move to a residence with a Vaanster energy system or if you move out of a residence with a Vaanster energy system. You will then be asked for the meter reading on the date of the move and/or handover of the keys.

Where is the energy meter located?

It differs per house where the energy meters are placed. Usually, an energy meter is located near the heat unit, in the meter box, or near the floor distributor.

It is possible that there are two energy meters in one house. In that case, one energy meter is for measuring heat for space heating and one energy meter is for measuring heat for domestic hot water.

On the resident's page of your project, it is indicated which energy meter is placed in the house. If no energy meter is mentioned on that page, then Vaanster does not know which meter has been placed in your home.

Reading an energy meter

Heat is measured in GJ (Gigajoule) or kWh (Kilowatt hour). Vaanster requests the meter reading in GJ. This may mean that the meter reading needs to be converted from kWh to GJ. The meter reading for hot tap water is measured and requested in m3.

Clear meter readings

All meter readings - both energy meters that are read digitally and energy meters that are read manually - are published on your page, so you can always view them.

If Vaanster is unable to read your energy meter, an estimate will be made of your meter reading.