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Sustainable individual energy systems

Now that gas powered boilers have been banned from New builds projects, new sustainable alternatives will be more of a hot item. It is therefore time for a sustainable solution!

Sustainable home
High comfort
Own electricity generation
100% manufacturing guarantee
25 year all-in service agreement
Competitive prices


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Our Partners

The close cooperation between Vaanster and Nathan, enables us to do what we promise. Having our own wagon drills, heat pumps imported from Alpha Innotec and our own teams who take care of the implementation, helps you as a developer to know exactly where you stand. Your project will be equipped with the best materials and delivered on time. We take care of everything and guarantee that your customers can enjoy the use their sustainable energy system undisturbed.

Jeroen Krebbers — General Director

Making your new development sustainable?

Low investment costs, fair rates and high comfort for the resident. We would like to get in touch if you want to develop gas-free or have ambitions in terms of sustainability, but also if you still want to be convinced of our concept!

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